After dinner fresh breath….

Here’s the addition to the Flawlessflawless_as_fck_white_label_60ml_e-liquid_large-1 family: F*CK White Label

We have been vaping this flavour on the Asmodus Minikin and let us tell you, it was good.

It was so refreshing and minty fresh. The inhale is fresh smooth with a hint of mint but subtle not overpowering.


Can this be true all the flavour no FAT?

As nostalgic as this is but the I Love Cookies from Mad hatter is truley a great follow on from the I love Donuts which was a true indulgence.

Even on the diets where a donut or cookie would not be seen this is perfect as you get to enjoy all the flavor without the fat! I not get the urge to smoke a cigarette, I also have quite the sweet tooth so this definitely satisfies both my loves.

You have now read my opinion. If you enjoy sweet treats as much as I do, the only thing you have left to do is to try them